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Warwick Deck Builder Pros work with regular or pressure-treated wood when installing new decks. PT wood has a chemical compound in the grains from an intense pressure application. Pressure-treated wood decks hold up to the elements better than untreated lumber. PT wood deck builders recommend using PT with pinewood in Rhode Island’s climate. Believe it or not, PT wood costs less than regular lumber and has other benefits.

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    Benefits of Pressure Treated Wood Decks

    Having a pressure-treated wood deck offers similar benefits as composites. Pressure-treated wood decks have a traditional look but work better than untreated lumber. Some benefits include:

    Moisture Resistance: Pressure-treated wood decks resist moisture better than untreated wood. PT wood’s hardness and chemicals prevent decay. The properties of PT wood also protect the deck from insects and vegetative or mold growth.

    Low Cost: PT wood has a lower cost and will last longer if you pressure wash your deck yearly. We recommend staining and weatherproofing every two to three years.

    Long-Lasting: Pressure-treated wood lasts approximately 10-30 years. With proper maintenance and treatment application, it may last up to 50 years.

    Fire Resistance: The chemicals in pressure-treated wood have flame retardant properties. 

    Size and Shape: Pressure-treated wood comes in many sizes and a round or square shape. PT wood can also be easily cut and makes a great material to build a deck.

    Durability: Pressure-treated wood can stand up to harsh climates and offers water resistance.

    If the benefits of a pressure-treated wood deck impress you, contact us! Call us or get a free estimate through our online form. Warwick Deck Builder Pros looks forward to assisting you!

    Cost to Build Wood Deck RI

    The cost to build a wood deck in RI varies due to many factors. Having a new wooden deck built comes as an investment, and we understand this. Warwick Deck Builder Pros has competitive prices and provides free in-home quotes. The cost of a new wood deck depends on the choice of materials. PT wood costs less than lumber, and exotic woods have a higher price than cedar. The size and style of the wood deck also impact the cost along with the scope of the project. Often, adding a deck extension costs less than new deck construction.

    Contact us to get an idea of the cost to build a wood deck on your RI property. Call us to discuss the project or get a free quote by filling out the online form. Warwick Deck Builder Pros will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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    Types of Wood Decking

    The most popular types of wood decking other than pre-treated include:

    • Pinewood: This type of wood serves Rhode Island best. Pinewood has affordability, strength and looks gorgeous. 
    • Cedar Wood Decks: A popular choice and softwood, cedar resists moisture, decay, and insect infestation. Cedar’s moisture adapts to the climate and will not be prone to cracks like other wood. Cedar decks have a natural look, and you can stain them easily. If you maintain your cedar wood deck, it can last approximately 15-20 years. We recommend power-washing the deck once a year and staining every 2-3 years, 
    • Redwood Decks: More expensive, redwood decks have durability and natural beauty. Redwood resists moisture, rot, and insects from its natural oils and tannins. Exposure to sunlight can blacken the deck. Transparent stains work best on redwood decks. Yearly power washing will preserve the deck.
    • Mahogany and Ipe Decks: These two tropical woods cost the most due to availability. Exotic woods also require more intensive labor. Tropical woods offer the best moisture and insect resistance. Mahogany and ipe decks also do not easily warp.

    To inquire about wooden deck installation in Warwick, contact us. Call us or get a free estimate by filling out the online form. We can discuss lumber prices and labor. Warwick Deck Builder Pros looks forward to building you a deck with the wood of your choice.

    Wood Deck Contractor Warwick RI

    We have wood deck contractors with years of experience who provide various services. Our deck contractors work with all types of wood, including PT. Warwick Deck Builder Pros uses wood for installation and replacement services. Our licensed and insured contractors also repair decks and upgrade wood to composite. For extensions or wood-covered decks, we have contractors that do that as well. Pinewood holds up well to Rhode Island’s weather. Warwick Deck Builder Pros offer competitive costs, and we ensure customer satisfaction.

    For excellent wood deck contractors in Warwick, RI, reach out to us. Give us a call or get a free quote by filling out our online form.