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Whether you live in Warwick, RI, during the summer months, or year-round, composite decks offer easy maintenance. We have composite deck builders that can replace an old deck to bring new life to your property. Our licensed and insured builders can also add a new deck to your house. A composite deck will transform your yard while giving you more space to entertain and enjoy the outdoors. Warwick Deck Builder Pros’ excellent craftmanship can deliver you a dream deck. As a local deck construction company, we ensure satisfaction for every customer. No matter the size of the deck, our builders approach every project with the same professionalism.

You can stop searching for a “deck builder near me” in Warwick and contact us today! Call us with any questions you have about composite decks or to set up a free in-home quote. You can also fill out the form for a free estimate on the cost to build a composite deck. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Deck Contractor for Composite Decking Warwick Rhode Island

    More property owners consider composite or manufactured decking today. Composite decks have several advantages over wood. Advances in composite deck materials have given it high-performance durability and many styles. Your Warwick home may need a new deck because you want to expand your property or have one in bad shape. No matter the situation, we have the best deck contractors for composite decking. Trust our licensed and insured contractors to replace or build a new composite deck or porch for you.

    Our locally owned deck company uses only premium materials. We have the most experienced deck contractors in Southern, RI. We also provide composite deck repair services decks in Warwick. We will send our deck contractors out to look at storm damage or other potential problems. Composite decking’s strength can withstand impact, but we have expert contractors to fix and address any issues.

    For a highly skilled contractor, contact Warwick Deck Builder Pros today! Get a free quote for composite decking by calling or filling out the online request form. We will be happy to assist you with any composite decking needs you have!

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    Benefits of Composite Decking

    Composite decking has a mixture of wood and plastic particles. This decking material has come a long way since its introduction in the 1980s. In comparison to traditional wood, composite decks offer many benefits, which include:

    • Durability: Composite decks can last up to 20 years due to being heavier, stronger, and denser than wood.
    • Little Maintenance: Wood decks require regular staining, sealing, or painting to preserve the wood. Composite decks only need washing and sweeping. Just be sure not to use cleaners with harsh chemicals. 
    • Eco-friendly: Composite decks often have recycled plastic and wood materials.
    • Variety of Styles: Composite decks mimic a natural wood look. You can get composite decking in different colors, including light and dark gray. You can create a contemporary look to complement your Warwick, RI home.
    • Moisture Resistant: Composite decks can hold up in any climate, but water can cause fading. Having a covered porch for water runoff will help extend the deck's life and appearance. Composite decking has a rubber-like coating or cap that offers slip resistance.
    • Less Likely to Damage or Decay: Wood decks can rot and decay from age, insect infestation, water, or neglect. Wood decks can also form splinters, holes, warps, or cracks that can pose a danger. Composite decks have a smooth surface, making them safer for children and pets. Unlike wooden decks, which can deteriorate, composite decks hold up much better.
    • Scratch Resistant: The materials in composite decks can resist scratches. Patio furniture can scuff the surface. Typically tough to notice, you can blend in scratches on the surface of composite decking.
    • Increases Property Value: Adding a beautiful new composite deck adds value to your home and delivers a great return on investment. You do not have to spend money or time on staining or painting a composite deck.
    • Heat Absorption: Hot decks baking under the sun do not feel pleasant on feet or dog paws. Some newer composite deck styles offer heat absorption that can let you enjoy a nice summer day. UV rays can fade your composite deck over time. Warwick Deck Builder Pros also installs covered porches to offer better protection from sunlight. 

    If you have been thinking about composite deck installation, contact us today! Call us or fill out the online form to get a complimentary estimate.

    Replace Wood Deck with Composite Warwick RI

    Your Warwick residence may have a wood deck that has seen better days and needs a replacement. You may be considering composite after spending time and money weatherproofing a wooden deck for years. Replacing a wood deck with composite does not always require demolition and installation. Your wooden deck may be structurally sound and only needs resurfacing. If your wood deck still has a firm foundation and framing, you will not need complete deck installation. Our contractors can replace worn wooden boards and rails with composite boards or tiles.

    Our contractors can tear down the old deck for wood decks with total decay or deterioration and replace it with composite. Warwick Deck Builder Pros will see that you get a new deck you love at a competitive price. A composite deck will last up to 20 years and makes upkeep easier with the sweep of a broom. You can say goodbye to the days of staining or applying coatings to your wooden deck.

    Contact us if you want or need to replace your wood deck with composite in Warwick. To best determine the scope of work for replacement, our contractors will need to look at the deck. Call us to schedule a free in-home estimate or fill out the form, and we will get back to you. Locally owned, our deck company offers competitive replacement prices. We will be transparent with you about the condition of the deck’s structuring.

    Steps, Railings, Covered Decks

    Composite decks come with components to take your new deck to the next level! You can get composite boards or tiles to cover the deck, along with railings and steps to complete your deck. You can customize composite decks. We can alternate colors of deck boards, steps, rails, and posts. You can also order special-built steps and create the color scheme you want. Warwick Deck Builder Pros can work with you to choose composite pieces that best suit your needs. Many composite steps, railings, and covers have warranties to guarantee their longevity. You can also consider an awning or patio cover to go over your new deck. Enjoy a covered deck that offers sun protection or keeps your new outdoor space dry from the rain. Also, awnings work great in the autumn when the leaves begin to fall in Rhode Island.

    Let our composite deck builders install a new deck that sets your Warwick home apart from others. As an experienced local deck construction company, we can work with you to create a distinct look. Our contractors use premium materials to build the most beautiful decks.

    Get started on customizing a composite deck with steps, railings, and covers! Contact Warwick Deck Builder Pros today by calling or filling out the online form to get a free quote. We love helping our customers create the perfect deck for their homes!

    Local Warwick, RI Deck Builder for Composite Decks

    Serving Warwick, RI, for years, our deck builders have craftsmanship and precision that makes us the number one choice. Our local deck construction company specializes in composite deck installation, replacement, and upgrades. Warwick Deck Builder Pros offers complimentary in-person estimates and competitive prices. We have a team of licensed and insured deck builders that guarantee a smooth project. Our composite deck contractors can work on any size or shape of deck and offer complete services.

    To schedule a free in-person estimate, contact us today! Call us or submit the online request form for a free quote for composite decks. We look forward to speaking with you!