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    Deck Builder Warwick RI

    Spending time on a deck gives you a place to enjoy the weather right outside your home. Decks give you additional space to entertain, relax, and grill. Our team provides new construction and replacement services. We can build a new deck or replace an old deck for your home with the materials and style you want. Our contractors can also upgrade your deck by adding a screen, composite to wood, or an extension. We also offer deck repair services and complimentary in-home estimates.

    Choose wood, composite, or pre-treated wood materials for your new deck. Our wood deck builders work with pinewood, cedar, redwood, mahogany, Ipe, and PT wood. We also specialize in building composite decks, which mimic wood and last longer. We have deck contractors with exceptional carpentry skills that can complete any project. Our contractors build ground-level, raised, floating, multi-level and two-story decks. Warwick Deck Builder Pros can also install pergolas, freestanding, and floating decks.

    Choose a patterned, standard, or custom deck floor, and our contractors will build it. Other designs include chevron, diagonal, parallel, perpendicular, or basketweave. Our team will work with you to deliver deck services that meet your needs and improve your home.

    While searching for a “deck builder near me in Warwick, RI,” please do not hesitate to contact us. Give us a call or get a free quote by filling out the online request form. We look forward to building you a long-lasting deck that you will love!

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    Porch Builder Services Warwick Rhode Island

    Some of the most relaxing and memorable moments in life include sitting outside on a porch. Covered porches let you enjoy the outdoors while protecting you from the elements. Porches add appeal and increase your home’s value. We provide porch builder services to Warwick and Southern Rhode Island. Services we offer include building porch additions, entryways, pergolas, and extensions.

    Warwick Deck Builder Pros can install all types of porches using composite or wood. If you want a front, back, or wrap-around porch, our builders have the skills and experience. Our local deck builders specialize in enclosed or screened-in porches as well. Our porch contractors and designers will work with you on style and color. We also can take on elaborate projects and build two and three-story porches.

    To get the best team of licensed and insured porch builders in Warwick Rhode Island, contact us. Call us or fill out the online form to get a free quote. We offer complimentary in-home estimates for any porch builder services you need.

    Deck Upgrades and Replacements

    A deck transforms the outside of your home and adds space. Having a deck increases property value and can feature any design. We offer deck upgrades, such as replacing old wood decks with durable and long-lasting composite materials. Deck replacement involves many factors and should never be a DIY project. Let our Warwick Deck Builders handle every step of the installation process. Our contractors will work with you on the type of deck you want and install it.

    For old decks beyond repair, we provide complete replacement services. Our deck replacement contractors will demolish the old structure. We then take the deck construction debris and dispose of or recycle it responsibly. We will then craft a new, stable deck to transform your home. A new deck will last decades if you properly maintain it.

    For deck upgrades or replacements in Warwick RI, contact us! Give us a call or get a free estimate by filling out the online form.


    Porch Additions RI

    Porch additions add space and value to your property while giving you a place to relax. A porch addition creates a new outdoor area that reflects you and your home. Factors to consider when thinking about a porch addition can be overwhelming. You can trust Warwick Deck Builder Pros to make the process easier on you and build a porch you want. Once you determine where you want the new porch, we can get to work! Warwick Deck Builder Pros installs front, back, and wrap-around porches. Choose wooden or composite materials for your new porch to match your home’s exterior. We can add a porch onto any house, including ranch, colonial, and two stories.

    Porch additions may look easy but require permits and professional contractors. Licensed and insured, Warwick Deck Builder Pros installs porch additions across Southern, RI. We can add on an enclosed, covered, or screened-in porch to your home. If you see a porch you like, save a picture to give our designers an idea of what you have in mind. We have friendly porch contractors that provide free in-person quotes.

    For a porch addition in Warwick, RI, contact us today! Call us to schedule a free quote or submit the online request form.

    Our Process

    For deck or porch services, here are some steps in the process:

    • We send a deck contractor to your Warwick property to give you a free in-person general estimate.
    • Our deck contractors and designers provide a consultation. Here we discuss the design, materials, and style you want for your deck.
    • After deciding on which type of deck you want, we will provide a detailed estimate with costs broken down.
    • Architects will draw up blueprints of the deck. Then the contractors will give you a scope of work for the deck project.
    • We will get all the licenses and permits from the city to start the deck construction.
    • If your Warwick property has an old deck, we will demolish and haul away the construction debris. Our local deck company safely disposes of and recycles all waste.
    • A team of deck builders will come and install your new deck and will be overseen by a lead contractor. Our licensed and insured deck company has coverage for all installers.
    • We will schedule and meet with city inspectors throughout the project. Our deck contractors will communicate openly with you as well.
    • After completing the deck, we will show you our work in detail. We will give you care instructions for your deck and manufacturer warranties. Once the project gets your approval, our deck builders clean up and remove all the waste from the project. 

    For a new deck in Warwick, we guarantee a thorough and professional installation. Contact us to start planning out a new deck. Call us or get a free quote through our online form.

    Composite Deck Builder Services

    Composite decks have been growing in popularity as an alternative to wood. Composite decks have a long lifespan, require less maintenance, and look modern. Composite decks mimic wood and come in different colors, including light and dark gray. We have years of experience installing composite decks across southern Rhode Island. We use premium deck materials from the brands Trex, Azek, and TimberTech. Our licensed and insured builders can install any size and shape composite deck. With fine attention to detail and master carpentry, our contractors build impressive decks that will stun you.

    If you have been searching for a “composite deck builder near me” in Warwick, look no further. Contact Warwick Deck Builder Pros today! Call us to speak about composite deck design or schedule a free in-home estimate. You can also submit the online form to get a free quote for a new composite deck!

    Your Local RI Contractor for Decks and Porches

    Finding a trusted contractor for decks and porches can be time-consuming and stressful. You may want a new deck or porch or need to replace an old one. Warwick Deck Builder Pros’ contractors provide deck and porch services. If you want a porch addition or deck installation, we have years of experience. Some specialties include deck expansion, repair, and covered porches. Warwick Deck Builder Pros’ skilled contractors can even build pergolas for your property. We also have entryway addition contractors that can install screened-in and enclosed porches. For any deck or porch services you need in Southern, RI, we promise you high-quality work.

    To get the best professional contractors for decks and porches in Warwick, contact us! Call us to discuss your project or fill out the online form for a free quote.

    Deck Repair Experts

    Wooden and composite decks may need minor or extensive repairs. We provide repair services at competitive costs. Common problems we see include:

    • Discoloring: You may see your deck has discoloration and lost its luster. Sunlight can fade wood or composite decks. This minor issue poses no safety risk but affects a wood deck’s appearance. Washing and staining will remedy discoloration on wood decks. For effective staining, the temperature should be below 80º, with no rain in the forecast. For composite decks, you can stain some styles.   
    • Slippery Deck: Wooden decks may get slick from algae or moisture build-up. Pressure washing a wood deck in the spring will help. You can clean a composite deck using a safe-to-use degreaser or power washer. Our deck company knows which products work best to clean composite decks and can help you.
    • Cracks: Decks may get cracks over time due to aging, humidity, winter weather, or outdoor furniture. Repairing the deck requires filling in small holes with filler then sealant. For larger cracks, our deck contractors take the boards off to check for further damage. Deck repair might be flipping the board over and reattaching or replacing it. Warwick Deck Builder Pros recommends inspecting cracks every year before winter. Cold New England weather can make cracks in the deck larger. If this problem goes untreated, it can cause significant structural damage.
    • Rotted or Damaged Boards: If you notice rotted or damaged boards, contact Warwick Deck Builder Pros for immediate replacement. Wood decks may damage from water, insects, and vermin. Rot destroys the wood, and the problem will spread. Our contractors have the right tools to replace decaying boards on your wooden deck. We will measure, cut, and install new wooden boards to keep you safe. Our deck contractors can repair any composite boards using filler, wax, or epoxy, depending on material type. If the composite deck has damage beyond repair, our builders can replace the planks. 
    • Large Gaps: Weather causes wood to shrink, and this can form gaps between the deck’s boards. Gaps can be a tripping hazard, and Warwick Deck Builder Pros will come and replace the panels. The best types of wood for New England climate include pinewood, cedar, redwood, southern yellow pine, and ipe. These woods have ideal moisture absorption for Rhode Island weather.
    • Deck Feels Loose: You may feel your deck shift when walking on it or notice loose rails or steps. Your wooden or composite deck may have unstable beams or a foundation. Several issues can cause this, including water damage, insects, weather, age, or poor installation. If you feel any instability with your deck, seek repair services as soon as possible. Warwick Deck Builder Pros can assess the structure and determine if it needs repair or replacement. 
    • Broken Screen or Glass: Your deck may have a screen or glass that needs repair from a storm or accident. You do not have to worry because we provide these repair services as well to Southern, RI.

    If you need emergency deck repair, do not hesitate to contact us! For any other wood or composite deck repairs, call us or get a free quote through the online form. Warwick Deck Builder Pros’ repair services will give you a better sense of security.

    When To Call for Deck Replacement

    Decks do not last forever, and you may be facing the fact that you need to replace your old wooden deck. Depending on the deck’s framing and foundation, you may not need replacement. If your deck still has a strong structure, Warwick Deck Builder Pros can do an upgrade by installing portions of composite to the wood. Composite decking has seen a surge in popularity because of its longevity and little need for maintenance. Composite decks can withstand New England’s weather and last up to 20 years. Our deck contractors replace decayed boards and rails with new composite pieces to upgrade your deck. Choose from composite planks or tiles that look like wood and restore the beauty in your deck. Warwick Deck Builder Pros will work with you to design a deck you love at a competitive price.

    For decks with significant rot, we offer complete replacement services. You can choose wood or composite decking. Our builders have superior carpentry skills, professionalism and can take on any size or shape deck. Whether you choose a composite or wood deck, our licensed and insured contractors can do the job. We have been installing and replacing decks in Warwick and across Southern RI for years.

    For deck replacement or upgrade services in Warwick, contact us for a free in-home quote. Warwick Deck Builder Pros can replace your old deck with composite or wood materials. Give us a call to set up a free estimate or fill out our online request form. We look forward to serving you!

    Deck Expansion Services RI

    Your existing deck may be too small, or you spend more time on your deck than in your yard. If you have space and want a larger deck, you do not need to replace the existing one. Warwick Deck Builder Pros provides expansion services to give you more outdoor space. Our contractors will check the stability of your deck and attach an extension. Expansion services can be widening or lengthening the existing deck. Our licensed and insured builders can add a step up or down to the deck. We have skilled builders that can even add another level to your deck with stairs. Your patio may be able to anchor a deck extension as well. Deck expansion can be a creative project, and we will work with you on the design. Warwick Deck Builder Pros looks at the existing deck and devises a plan. Matching the extension to your existing deck can be difficult. Matching materials, colors, and styles can be challenging.

    To get a larger deck for your Warwick home, contact us for expansion services. Call us or get a free quote by filling out the online form.

    Pergolas and Covered Porches

    Not only do we install decks, but we also build pergolas and covered porches across Southern RI. Adding a pergola to your yard gives you a large outdoor structure that has a variety of purposes. Pergolas have four columns, beams, and rafters and come with or without a top. You can leave a pergola open or have it covered to give you shade. Our licensed and insured builders can attach a new pergola to your house or leave it freestanding. A pergola can provide you a relaxing or purposeful spot on your property. Warwick Deck Builder Pros can build a pergola near a swimming pool or garden, which you may call a cabana, gazebo, or garden arbor. To offset the cost of building a garage, some customers use pergolas as carports. Having a carport protects your car from rain, snow, and sun. No matter what you call a pergola, our contractors can build one on your Warwick property! Choose from wood or composite materials and utilize space in your yard for what you want or need!

    Warwick Deck Builder Pros also installs covered porches or patios. A covered porch protects you from the elements and lets you enjoy being outside. A new covered porch gives you a place right outside of your home. Enjoy beautiful Warwick summer nights by watching a movie or entertaining guests. Covered porches and patio covers add a roof to an existing outdoor structure. Our patio contractors attach a flat or angled extension to your home. Choose a patio covering with wood or composite materials. Some patio covers have designs where panels slide open. If your residence does not have an existing porch, Warwick Deck Builder Pros can also install a new one.

    Contact us if you have been searching for a “covered porch builder near me” in Warwick, RI. Let our patio contractors build a new pergola or porch for your home. Call us or get a free estimate by filling out the online form. We will help you design a spectacular outdoor sanctuary!

    Above Ground Pool Deck Installation

    Having an above-ground pool deck gives you a spot to soak in some rays between swims. You can relax poolside and not have to worry about climbing up and down a ladder. We offer above-ground pool deck installation services to make summers more refreshing. Pool deck installation uses wood, composite, or surface coatings. Wood remains the most common material for pool decks and stairs. Warwick Deck Builder Pros recommend high-quality exterior wood to give a smoother surface to prevent slips. The best types of wood for above-ground pool decks include teak, cedar, redwood, or exotic woods. These woods naturally repel insects and water but require annual weatherproofing. Due to Rhode Island’s climate, sanding down your above-ground pool deck and resealing it every three years will extend its life. Composite and surface coating decks resist water, pool chemicals, and UV rays.

    Above-ground pool deck installation involves constructing a floor joist and installing boards. Our deck contractors will also build stairs to access the pool. Warwick Deck Builder Pros can work with any size and shape of above-ground pools. Deck installation can cover part of the pool or wrap around the entire pool. We will work with you on deck design.

    pool deck installation Warwick

    To make your above-ground pool more relaxing, contact us for deck installation today! Call us or submit the online request form to get a free quote! Our licensed and insured contractors will get the job done in no time so that you can get the most out of your pool!

    Farmers Porches and Entryways

    Farmer’s porches and entryways, popular in New England, add a traditional look to the front or back of your home. A farmer's porch, or covered deck, helps cool the inside of your house with an open entryway. Farmer’s porches and entryways have sturdy wooden or composite beams and railings for stability. A farmer’s porch typically spans across the front of the house's width but can also wrap around. This style opens to your yard or street and can also be a screened porch.

    Most farmer’s porches have decorative lattice or a skirt at the bottom that accentuates your residence. Typically low to the ground, a farmer’s porch will have a step or two but can also have an elevated design with stairs. Another type of farmer’s porch, the southern style, has large or elaborate columns. A farmer’s porch addition adds extra space to your home and lets you customize it. By adding outdoor furniture to your farmer’s porch, you create an additional seating area. You can paint or stain a wooden porch to complement your house. Composite porches let you blend colors to create a distinct and welcoming look.

    Warwick Deck Builder Pros can install a new farmer’s porch addition to your home, building it from the ground up. We have a highly detailed team of entryway porch addition contractors. Whatever type of style, materials, and design you choose, our porch builders can complete the project! We have proficient covered porch builders that can install a wrap-around, screened-in, or standard front porch. If you want an elevated farmer’s porch, we can build beautiful stairs leading up to your home. Our farmer’s porch contractors will impress you when installing beams, columns, or railings. Let us make your farmer’s porch entryway more inviting and enjoyable. Our contractors love adding detailed porch lattice or skirts. Warwick Deck Builder Pros will leave your home looking more distinguished with a farmer’s porch!

    To get a new farmer’s porch or entryway for your Warwick home, contact us. Call us today to discuss a farmer’s porch addition and set up a free in-home quote. You can also fill out the online form, and we will give you a free estimate. Warwick Deck Builder Pros will love to take on your farmer’s porch and entryway project!

    RI Deck Construction Company

    Locally owned and operated, Warwick Deck Builder Pros has been serving Southern, RI, for years! We have a team of deck contractors and builders who work with composite, traditional, and PT wood. Our deck company will work with you to design a deck or porch that you want. Then our licensed and insured contractors will use their carpentry skills to bring your vision to life. Warwick Deck Builder Pros provide installation, repair, replacement, and extension services. We also have entryway porch addition and patio contractors to meet your needs. No matter the size or shape of the project, our local deck construction company can do it all. We offer competitive prices and use premium materials like TimberTech, Azek, and Trex.

    For professional deck services of any type, contact us today! Call us to discuss any ideas or get a free quote through our online form.

    Why Choose Our Local Services

    Our local deck company has years of experience and contractors with fine carpentry skills. We offer all types of services for decks, porches, patios, and repairs. Locally owned and operated, Warwick Deck Builder Pros prioritizes customer satisfaction. We have professional designers and deck contractors who work with you throughout the project. We provide deck services to Warwick and Southern Rhode Island and love transform homes. As Warwick’s local deck construction company of choice, we stand behind our work. Our licensed and insured contractors place great importance on every sized deck, including small ones. We have a friendly team of deck builders and offer competitive prices.

    Contact us for any questions you have about deck services in Warwick. You can call us or fill out the online form to get a free quote. Trust us to complete any deck project you have!

    Areas We Service

    We provide deck installation and repair, porch and pergola installation services in Warwick, West Warwick, Cranston, Cowesett, Crompton, Blackrock, Coventry, East Greenwich, Lippitt, Hillsgrove, West Greenwich, Nooseneck, Exeter, North Kingstown, Kingston, South Kingston, Narragansett, Richmond, Westerly, Hopkinton and more.